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2017 Turkey Open – Missoula – Oct 28 – 29

By on November 3, 2017


This year’s Turkey Open was once again well attended with 40 entries thanks in large part to the addition of 11 new players from the Hamilton Chess Club who participated for 2 rounds. Hopefully they enjoyed their indoctrination to tournament chess and we’ll be seeing them again in the future. The Spokane Chess Club was once again well represented, and to show our appreciation we sent them home with a fair amount of prize money.

Michael Cambareri and Garrett Casey shared 1st place. Braxton Casey and Jim Skovron shared the “A” prize, which was added due to the increased attendance. Darren Stacey won the “B” prize. Michael Muller took home the “C” prize, while Jesse Driscoll and Colton Quirk shared the “D/E” prize. Ted Baker’s 4th rd scalp got him the Biggest Upset.

I’d like to express my appreciation to everyone who attended and hope to see you all again next year, which thanks to the Griz finally getting their priorities straight and not scheduling any home games in early November, will be held at the traditional time.

And I’d especially like to thank Gary Solomon, Dan McCourt, Sherwood Moore and Jim Skovron whose assistance was invaluable.

Romie Carpenter