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2016 Turkey Open

By on November 3, 2016

Submitted by Romie Carpenter

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This year’s tournament experienced a more normal turnout of 23 players with the Casey brothers from Spokane once again returning with both prize money and rating points. Braxton won 1st overall, and Garrett shared 2nd and the “B” prize with Sherwood Moore and Anthony Raelund from Kalispell. Anthony also won the biggest upset prize with his win over Spokane expert Michael Cambareri. This year’s biggest upset prize was a fine wooden chess set generously given by Dennis Petrak of Great Falls. Jim Skovron attempted to buy it from Anthony, but alas to no avail. Tom Booth from the Boise area won the “C” prize, which he’ll no longer be eligible for as he’s now a “B” player! Tom was an earlier Missoula regular who moved away, and we were glad to see him return. Dylan Cornish and Jesse Driscoll shared the “D” prize.

Once again I received superb assistance from Sherwood Moore, Dan McCourt and Gary Solomon for which I’m very thankful.