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2016 Montana Closed & Barto-Caffrey Memorial Tournaments – Great Falls, Oct 15-16

By on September 11, 2016

The Montana Closed tournament to crown the new state champion approaches!

The MCA Closed Championship and the Barto-Caffrey Memorial Tournament will be held at the Great Falls Holiday Inn.

Discount room reservations need to be made before October 1st.

If you aren’t in the championship, come play and get warmed up for the MCA Grand Prix season!

The ten 2016 MT Closed Players are: Mark Anderson, Jacob Copley, David Duke, John Henneford, Hans Mazur, Simon McGlenn, Anthony Raelund, Jim Skovron, Darren Stacey, and Wilton Strickland.

The alternate players for the 2016 Closed are: 1. Sherwood Moore 2. Gary Solomon 3. Tomas Mostad 4. Dan McCourt 5. Conrad Lee 6. Dennis Petrak 7. Mike Jensen

Details are in Upcoming Events.