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2015 Turkey Open

By on April 26, 2016

Submitted by Romie Carpenter on 11/09/2015

The 2015 Turkey Open enjoyed nice facilities at the Best Western Grant Creek Inn together with a large turnout of 38 players, thanks to an influx of quite a few new players along with another large contingent of our friends to the west, with whom we were able to reciprocate by sending them back with lots of prize money. John Julian returned to chess after a fairly long hiatus and took 1st. Nikolay Bulakh and Brad Bodie shared 2nd. Jim Skovron took the “B” prize. Ted Baker and John Henneford shared the “C” prize, while Braxton Casey got the “D/E” money. Arlene Hiatt earned the Biggest Upset prize with a 5th rd. triple nickel (555pt) upset. All in all it was a very good turnout with lots of new faces who we’d like to welcome back again next year. The tournament crosstable can be found at the events|tournaments|results tab and was directed by Romie Carpenter with tons of assistance from Dan McCourt and Gary Solomon.